Blonde Million Dollar Fender Bender

So three blondes drive into a casino parking lot, no this is not the start of a joke, it is the start of a very expensive fender bender.

These three women, potentially compulsive gamblers unable to wait a few extra moments to start their binge, crashed through rows of exquisite cars valet parked near the casino entrance. The woman driver, whose husband should have hired a driver, was in a 2.7-ton, $363,000 Bentley Azure.

It appears, theĀ  jelly-bean blue Bentley initially hit the rear of a $91k Mercedes-Benz S-Class, causing the woman driver to do what woman drivers do. She closed her eyes, pushed the pedal, and cranked the searing wheel the other way.

Now, with her eyes closed, and foot to the floor she hits a $186k Ferrari F430 nose first. Some how she manages to smash her passenger side into the front of a $228k Aston Martin Rapide, and swings it into a $77k Porsche 911.

It is the middle of the summer season in Monte Carlo, and with many people already out and about a large crowd gathered quickly.

Please, if you have the money hire your wife a driver, you will save money and we will all be a little safer.



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