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Blonde Million Dollar Fender Bender

So three blondes drive into a casino parking lot, no this is not the start of a joke, it is the start of a very expensive fender bender.

These three women, potentially compulsive gamblers unable to wait a few extra moments to start their binge, crashed through rows of exquisite cars valet parked near the casino entrance. The woman driver, whose husband should have hired a driver, was in a 2.7-ton, $363,000 Bentley Azure.

It appears, theĀ  jelly-bean blue Bentley initially hit the rear of a $91k Mercedes-Benz S-Class, causing the woman driver to do what woman drivers do. She closed her eyes, pushed the pedal, and cranked the searing wheel the other way.

Now, with her eyes closed, and foot to the floor she hits a $186k Ferrari F430 nose first. Some how she manages to smash her passenger side into the front of a $228k Aston Martin Rapide, and swings it into a $77k Porsche 911.

It is the middle of the summer season in Monte Carlo, and with many people already out and about a large crowd gathered quickly.

Please, if you have the money hire your wife a driver, you will save money and we will all be a little safer.



Yes Officer Actually I Did Just Get Gas

So I put my credit card in the slidy place.

I put the nozzle thingy into the hole under the screwy cap.

I wait until the pumpy thing stops making noise.

I grab my receipt.

And I go back home.

You never told me I had to take the handle thingy out of the hole…It not my fault!

Women Rock at Backing Up

I don’t even know what to say. How do you do this, why wouldn’t you stop as soon as hit something.

Women Drivers Shoe Car

So I knew an old lady who lived in a shoe.

One built, her husband had nothing to do.

His wife liked to walk, but wouldn’t go far.

So he made her a shoe into a car.

Or something like that….

Women Can Parallel Park

Well, it goes to show you, women actually can parallel park.

Oh sure, we could nit pick about how this is the incorect way to park in this spot.

Or we could guess she was just the first one in the lot, and just parked at random.

Or say she is stuck there waiting for the cars to leave so she can pull out of her spot.

But we won’t.

Woman Under Car

The title is misleading, there is no way she will fit those under this car. But I would like to thank her for trying!

Woman Takes the Subway

This must have looked like an entrance to a parking garage to her. This woman tried to drive down the subway stair entrance. She found out it was not wide enough for her to fit. Crazy women drivers!

Womans Dream Car

It is time to go shopping! And this woman takes it very seriously.

I have to admit, this is a cool car.

Women Drivers Parking Ramp Exit

OK, this picture must be 50 years old.

Look at those cars!

But it is a classic. Look at the cement peel away from the building.

How fast was that car going?

Woman Driver and the Gas Pump Handle

This is the one, of many just like this, I give the most leeway to.

Its winter, she was cold.

Where is her husband. No woman should be pumping her own gas, at least not in the winter.