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VW Railroad Car

I’ve been working on the railroad, all the live long day.

When I look at a picture like this, I try to figure out what her plan was.

I have no idea…

A short cut down the tracks?

Does she not know the difference between a road and a railroad?

Naw, she is just another example of the challenges faced by women drivers.

Woman Driver Backs Up At Gas Station

I think I will back up.

Jeez, my new, super huge SUV doesnt have enough power to go backwards.

I will give it more gas!

Wait…What is going on. My SUV is getting taller.

Now it won’t move at all, I better call my husband!

Woman and Dog in The Car

WOW, that is a big dog.

Woman After the Gas Station

Did I pay for my gas? I think I did, but I feel like I forgot something…

I wonder what it was, oh it will come to me sooner or later.

Do you suppose she just went home without knowing. Perhaps her husband got home and saw what she had done.

Stuck in the Mud

I an surprised the Jeep Cherokee got stuck in the mud. I am sure it isn’t the jeeps fault, so it must be driver error. She doesn’t look very happy about things.

Toll Booth Aftermath

This is the fiery wreckage of a toll booth crash involving a Texas woman. This crash happened at a toll booth in Dallas/Ft Worth. 22-year-old Yasmine Villasana of Fort Worth hit the booth at full speed. Officers allege she was intoxicated, she will have to have her day in court.

She Didnt Stop

What does that sign say? I better get a little closer.

Woman in a Upside Down Helmet

Woman in a Upside Down Helmet rides a scooter. Where did she learn how to use a helmet? I hope this is her first day, but who knows she may have been riding for years.

Police Woman Driver

This women police driver must not know much about cement. The road is being built, you would think she knew it was a construction site. I bet she had a lot of explaining to do when she got back to the station. I would think those construction workers would be upset about their hard work ruined.

Old Women Drivers

Old women drivers are about the same as any other women drivers that will make it to this website. I wonder, did she not see blue fence she had to plow through to get where she is. I do hope she wasn’t hurt, and she does look a bit woosie.