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Woman High Speed Chase

This woman driver is not going to stop for the police. She is on a mission. She brings the police on a long winding run that takes 20-30 minutes. This video is played at a faster speed for a while, and is very well done. This is impressive driving for a woman, be it all illegal and dangerous. Do not attempt anything in this video!

Woman Cant Park in Two Spots

This is a fun one to watch. I could park a bus in that spot. This woman doesnt seem to understand how the stearing wheel works. I must admit she does get her car nicely in the spot, after two minutes.

Women Drivers Cant Parallel Park

This woman can not parallel park. As a matter of fact, she can’t even choose a good spot. I don’t actually think her car would fit in this spot. She spends over 4 minutes trying before she gives up.

Women Drivers at the Toll Booth

What was she thinking. It is 6:13 AM and the report says she is drunk.  Check out the pics of the toll booth accident aftermath. This woman flies into the toll booth at full speed and jumps her car. Below is the police report of the incident.

Women Drivers Compilation

Women Drivers Compilation is a neat little video someone put together. It shows some of the funniest clips we have seen! Thank you to the maker. I love the hamster dance song played with this video. It is lively and fun, and that is what we are all about; this site is about having fun!